The DODROPIN Network Echolink conference server (node 355800) was created as a place for all ham radio operators across the world to get together almost 12 years ago by Paul Morton, N9OFU, a silent key now.

We keep the system running to carry on the tradition Paul started so many years ago. In 2021 DODROPIN will be celebrating 12 years on the airwaves. Yes, we’ve been around for a while. The DODROPIN Network carries more users, conferences, links and other nodes than any other conference we are aware of. We also carry the most nets 7 days a week - 24 hours a day. On behalf of the DODROPIN administrative team we would like to welcome all ham radio operators and short wave listeners from around the world to our system.

Connect anytime day or night and be treated to a host of different nets and net hosts from every corner of this fine planet.

Questions or comments?  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Connection Mode Node / TG / Extension
Echolink Primary (*DODROPIN*) 355800
Echolink Backup (*DODROPN2*) 605013
Echolink Third Backup (*ABSOTECH*) 737044
AllStarLink / East Coast Node (North Carolina)
AllStarLink / Midwest Node (Texas)
YSF (Reflector 32888)
M17 M17-SEL-X
NXDN 326
HamShack Hotline 94116
Hams Over IP 15052
Amateur Wire 90023
DMR (TGIF, DMR+/QuadNet, QRM, AmComm, XFN)
TG 326
D-Star XLX913X & URF923X
IRLP 9616